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Training Sessions

We are now back at our regular home of Brentwood County High School for all training sessions and games!


5-6.20pm – U16 Prem & U16 Blacks

6.20-7.40pm – U16 Girls

7.40-9pm – U18 Blacks & U18 Whites

5-6.20pm – U11 & U12

6.20-7.40pm – U14 Whites & U16 Whites

7.40-9pm – U14 Blacks

6-7.30pm – U18 Black & U16 Prem

7.30-9pm – U18 Whites & U16 Blacks 

5-6.30pm – U14 Whites & U16 Whites

6.30-8pm – U14 Blacks & U16 Girls 

6-7.30pm – U11 & U12

Here’s a link to our registration form for our open try-outs on Saturday

If you are coming to our try-outs on Saturday please register here:-

https://t.co/mmNTyRsK7M @ Brentwood, UK https://t.co/t5iF1CM2z9
Come along to our open Try-Outs:-
21 May 2022
Brentwood County High School
🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀 @ Brentwood, UK https://t.co/zeLphIs6LC